Uro-Onco Cancer Surgeon In Mumbai

Uro-Onco Cancer Surgeon In Mumbai

An uro-oncosurgeon specializes in addressing the male and female cancers in the urinary tract. The uro-oncologist also treats cancers of the male reproductive organs. Cancers in the urinary tract are quite common with kidney and bladder cancers considered among the top ten cancers.
Depending on your symptoms and the current medical condition, the doctor might recommend MRI, PET-CT, blood reports, and more.

Consult Best Uro-Onco Cancer Surgeon In Mumbai, India -Dr. Soumyan Dey.

Dr. Soumyan Dey is a Best Uro Cancer Spe#t in Navi Mumbai with expertise in Laparoscopic Surgery, Kidney cancer, Bladder cancer. Dr. Dey has extensive knowledge of the surgical oncology and has vast experience in performing complex uro oncological surgeries.


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Dr. Soumyan Dey’s Urocare
Chamber 23, 2nd floor Mahavir Centre, Sector 17, Vashi,
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400703, India

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