Byjus IAS Complete Package

Byjus IAS Complete Package Byjus IAS Complete Package Byjus IAS Complete Package

I have complete IAS course set with daily newspaper analysis and weekly 2 days of magazine analysis (class and notes provided) and an overall subject classes ( GS=1-4) CSAT and inclusion of all topics in the form of video from byjus tab and physical books available. I would like to sell it to an aspirant who’s really dedicated and willing to ace the preparation. The entire course fee I paid is 80000 but I would to sell it for 50000. It’ll be really useful if you’re preparing for Civil service examinations you’ll also get a guide who’ll guide you through the course in case of any doubts, you’ll also receive monthly and weekly test series that’ll be evaluated by top faculties everything is included just for 50000rs

Ps: the only reason I’m selling this is because of financial crunch family job loss, if you’re really interested and would like to give your best in the exam contact me those books are precious to me and tab is also included


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