Fibroid Removal Treatment Thane

Fibroid Removal Treatment Thane

You may not need surgery if your fibroids don’t bother you. However, you might consider surgery if your fibroids cause:

heavy menstrual bleeding
bleeding between periods
pain or pressure in your lower belly
frequent urination
trouble emptying your bladder

Surgery might also be an option if you want to get pregnant in the future. Sometimes fibroids can increase your risk of having a miscarriage or complications during your pregnancy.

Consult a best Gynecologist In Hiranandani Hospital Thane for Fibroid Removal Treatment At Ghodbunder Rd, Patlipada, Thane West.

Dr. Sujata Rathod – Fertility Spe#ts, Best Gynecologist & Obstetrician in Thane

Hiranandani Hospital Hamilton ‘B’, Hiranandani Estate, Off, Ghodbunder Rd, Patlipada, Thane West, Maharashtra 400607


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