Thrombotic Disorders Test By HaemPath

Thrombotic Disorders Test By HaemPath

Thrombotic Disorders are usually performed to assess the need to extend anti coagulation, hence testing should be performed in a steady state, remote from the acute event. Laboratory assays to detect thrombophilic states include highly sensitive and specific tests like molecular diagnosis, immunologic and functional assays
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• Thrombotic Disorders
• Bone Marrow Reporting
• Platelets Disorders
• Coagulation Disorders
• Minimal Residual Disease

Many coagulation factors and inhibitors are affected during acute thrombosis, acute illnesses, inflammatory conditions, pregnancy & certain medications. Antilogarithm is decreased by heparin and acute thrombosis whereas protein C & S levels are increased during acute thrombosis, but decreased by Warfarin.


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